Crag to Campfire

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Crag to Campfire


Our first event for EVERYONE happening April 13th at Red River Gorge.

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Meet us at the crag, hang out, say hey. (Free!)

If you want to keep the party going, register here to stay at our group site. We’ll provide a campfire, s’mores, snacks and drinks, yoga, meditation, and community. (Just $20!)

Our extremely knowledgeable buddy, Clayton Weakley, will also be teaching an evening clinic. He’ll be taking the group of climbers through a Kinstretch Mobility Class. This mobility class will focus on many of the areas of the body that climbers use the most. Mobility training aims to improve active ranges of motion, understanding joint biomechanics, and isolating joint function in order to improve the motor learning. This class will  help you learn more about your body and the areas you might need to spend more time training. (An additional $20 and well worth it! Register for the workshop here)

Climbing: FREE

Camp-out: $20

Mobility class: $20

A weekend with the climbing community: priceless